Overview – iApproveit Enterprise Brand Asset Management

When it comes to developing, promoting and protecting your brands, the performance of your marketing organization can be hampered by:

  • Inefficient manual processes and systems
  • Poor visibility of creative marketing projects
  • Lack of control of brand assets
  • Cost over-runs, write-offs and unnecessary agency expenses
  • Slow approvals and compliance processes

However these challenges can be overcome by using an automated solution to take control of marketing processes and centralize the management of brand assets.

iApproveit’s online software service controls creative marketing processes and centrally manages the storage, distribution and compliance of tangible brand assets, such as marketing collateral, brand artwork, packaging, POS material, logos, advertising, brochures, forms, documents, or any type of media.

Online workflow management, artwork review and approva

Reduces marketing cycle times, and puts you in control.

JobFlow is an online workflow and approval system with a significant twist; it allows internal and external parties to track marketing jobs and review and approve artwork stored in a thoroughly secure and controlled fashion. No need to send actual artwork, PDF’s or mock-ups around. No need for couriers, no confusion about versions, it’s always accessible and up-to-date. Measure, check colour, read and write comments anywhere. Instant status reporting on job progress and a clear audit trail of all activities, highlighting where bottlenecks are and providing strategic information on performance.

Enterprise Digital Asset Management

Secures your assets, while sharing with ease

Assetix is a modern, online digital asset management system designed to radically improve the way you use and control your digital brand assets. With a focus on finding and controlling access to your digital assets and artwork, not just storing it, the system has been developed around the way marketing teams work. Don’t stress about finding artwork, ever again. Store all your finished art securely, or any sort of digital file for that matter: Native art, TVC, Radio Ads, photo’s, logo’s. Re-use and re-purpose, cutting costs and turn around time. Use and securely share – make collaboration easy by allowing specific people access to specific items.

Automated quotation management

Reduces your costs by maximising corporate buying power

QuoteFlow is an innovative e-procurement system to assist you with the bid management process, designed to help companies effectively manage and maximise their corporate buying power. Part of the iApproveit solutions suite, QuoteFlow offers companies the flexibility to directly purchase printing and better manage the print creation/job. Create quotes online, invite selected bidders, provide artwork online for bidders to review in detail and select directly from the quote responses provided. But it doesn’t stop there; future procurement can be further improved based on historical quotation data.

Designed to meet the needs of large enterprise marketing organizations and their creative and production agencies, the iApproveit services are tailored to work the way you work. Available individually, or as a complete solution. You choose what is relevant to your needs and simply add others as required. Hosted by iApproveit, the services are completely scalable in size, regardless of your location, number of participants or storage requirements.