Bid Management

Streamline competitive bidding & procurement

Centralising and controlling the buying of print, mail or any other commodity products can create great efficiencies, but management of the process is often complex and time consuming.

With hundreds of purchase requests every week and a vast range of potential suppliers, the coordination of requirements documents, bid analysis and selection can generate considerable administrative overhead. With so much activity, how confident can you be that the best terms are being achieved for each contract?

Automate the process & drive efficiency

e-Procurement solutions can simplify this management complexity by automating the entire process; from compiling the quote specifications, all the way through to comparing bids and approving expenditure.

Once quote specifications are defined, bidders can be automatically invited to submit responses online in the format you require. Bid comparison and analysis can be easily completed with all the data organised in the one place. Historical records of previous bids provide valuable data about past prices and optimal terms.

Integrate with workflow & procurement systems

iApproveit’s QuoteFlow solution provides a bid management system that integrates with workflow to automatically generate quote requests, and offers the potential to integrate directly with other accounting and procurement systems.

Designed to meet the needs of large enterprise marketing organizations and their creative and production agencies, the iApproveit services are tailored to match your business processes. iApproveit Enterprise Brand Asset Management solutions deliver enterprise-grade capability for highly valuable brands like Nestle, Commonwealth Bank, Virgin, Pepsi, Lion Nathan, Panasonic, 3M and other household brands.