Enterprise Digital Asset Management

Simplify the management, distribution and protection of brand assets

With millions invested in brand assets, companies need to maximize the return on their marketing investment and protect their brands. Marketing assets need to be leveraged as widely as possible through multiple channels, but organizations need to be able to exercise control over who can access and use them.

Enterprise Digital Asset Management (DAM) solutions are designed for large marketing organisations who need to manage and share thousands of assets efficiently and securely. With dozens of marketing agencies, hundreds of internal authors, and thousands of users, large organisations need a centralised library that provides a single-point-of-truth for cataloguing multiple versions and formats of each individual asset.

Access to assets needs to be simple and effortless, however it must be securely controlled on multiple levels according to groups or classes of users, so that one library serves internal users, designers, field users and external business partners.

Leverage brand assets

With hundreds of assets being created each month, large enterprises also demand automated connectivity between the asset library and other information systems like procurement systems, product databases, intranets and public websites.

When coupled with Marketing Workflow Solutions and Online Proofing, an Enterprise Digital Asset Management library also becomes a powerful repository of valuable business information. Assets are linked to the workflow or job that created them, and catalogued according to the organisational and brand structure. Other information is attached (metadata) that categorises and defines the asset, including the source, the designer, version history, download history, printing specifications and any other relevant data.

Enterprise Digital Asset Management also integrates Digital Rights Management to protect against misuse of brand assets and stock photography.

The iApproveit Assetix Enterprise Digital Asset Management solution delivers enterprise-grade capability for highly valuable brands like Nestle, Commonwealth Bank, Virgin, Pepsi, Lion Nathan, Panasonic, 3M and many more household names.