Nutribank OnPack

The demand to deliver absolute accuracy about Information on food and/or medical packaging is ever increasing.

Nutribank OnPack ensures Information is tightly controlled, accurately versioned, maintained and published wherever it needs to be, instantly. This increases information integrity whilst dramatically reducing the risk of information error.

If it’s on the pack, it’s in Nutribank OnPack.
Makes managing label information a virtually risk-free proposition.

Finally a single point of truth that works – Product Information Management has never been easier!

What does Nutribank OnPack Offer?

Nutribank OnPack is a centralised Product Information Management System. Based a “Single Point of Truth” model, it’s designed to capture and manage all OnPack information, from ingredients, nutritional panels, recycling and storage information, through to features and clinical indications. If it’s on the pack, it’s in Nutribank OnPack.

Nutribank ensures that no matter where product information is displayed, it’s accurate, everywhere. From concept to approval, to in store pack, accurate, version controlled, ensures information consistency across platforms – no matter where they get the information – it’s always as the manufacturer intended.

A single point of truth for everything on the pack .

  • Absolute accuracy about Information on food and/or medical packaging.
  • Create custom workflows at any time.
  • Manage multiple jobs, each user has their own workspace and to-do list.

Product Lifecycle Management

  • Follows your product right through its lifecycle (PLM), from concept to draft, from active to historical;
  • Know exactly what’s on the shelf and what’s in your consumers hands

If it’s on the Pack, it’s in Nutribank OnPack

  • Manages detailed product composition and formulation data
  • Everything is managed from ingredients lists, allergen declarations, product statements & claims, product handling & preparation information
  • Includes endorsements, consumer hotline & web, social media information for consumer and trade and much more.

Links to Artwork Approval, GS1 SmartMedia & Publish to the Web

  • Integrated into Artwork review and compliance approval system like iApproveit JobFlow
  • Mirrors your company’s product review and approval process, then captures Approved Artwork to the DAM
  • Can create, manage and distribute Front of Pack Catalogue ready images
  • Publish information to the systems that need them. (Like GS1’s SmartMedia) and your Product WebSites

Links to ERP and Recipe Management Systems

  • Nutribank can integrate with your existing ERP (SAP, InforM3, JDE)
  • Recipe Management systems (Hamilton Grant, DevEx, etc)
  • Provides a single point for packaging information management, aggregation. Manufacturers can securely publish information to external systems and industry based solutions (GoScan, SmartMedia, etc)

Totally Secure, Easy to access and use, fast to implement – intuitive, simple to use interface

  • A hosted service; no software to install, maintain or support.
  • PC and MAC compliant.
  • Access via any computer with an internet browser and connection.

Robust and secure

  • Hosted, managed and fully supported.
  • 99.9% uptime guarantee.
  • Fully managed and maintained, 24x7x365.
  • Use of industry leading technology from Microsoft, Sun, Cisco and Kodak.
  • Information encrypted and protected using latest technologies.